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Harmony Ventures

We provide equity capital to early-stage sustainability-themed startups in the Indian VC ecosystem.

Harmony Ventures, the venture capital arm of Harmony Lifestyles Group, provides equity capital to early-stage sustainability-themed startups based in India, across pre-seed to Series A. We invest across four primary sectors:

Clean Tech

Climate Tech

Electric Vehicles

ESG-aligned sectors (with a particular focus on the built environment)


Our investment process involves:

  1. Initial discussion with startup founders/fund managers to assess thesis alignment.
  2. Legal and financial due diligence exercise with Harmony Investment Committee.
  3. First cheque followed by review discussions until exit or next round of financing.


Alongside our investments in the public markets (~60% allocation), we invest in the private markets (~40% allocation) in India via three mechanisms:

  1. Direct VC/PE funds [CAT-I or CAT-II AIFs].
  2. Direct equity in startups.
  3. Indirect VC/PE funds [CAT-III AIFs].

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1. Artha Group

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